Sunday, April 22, 2007

Melur's Park Friends

The weather's really been good lately. The kids have been going out to the playground behind our house almost every day. I took some time today to hang out with the kids and take some pictures of them at the park.

As usual, Melur is the more social. Here's a picture of Melur and her friends Owen and Elaine. Arman just happened to be close by, and decided to join in the picture. Otherwise, I think he'd be in the sand box playing with the trucks and tractors.

Melur makes friends very easily. We keep reminding her not to go into other peoples houses. She's a little too trusting. But we'll keep our eye on her.

So finally, here's Elaine and Melur (Picture Below). I think they're pretty close. Elaine has a bike which Melur adores. She wants one just like it. We'll get her one when the time comes. They've been playing with these Witch Dolls from the Wizard of Oz (Free from McDonald's Happy Meals). I think they do some role playing with make-belief characters. That's always fun.

See what I mean? Witch Dolls from the Wizard of OZ below:


AALTA said...

this was the most adorable blog i have ever read. you have a lovely family

The Mommy said...

Thanks for dropping by. We love to share our family experience with people from all over the world.

Good luck with the poetry!