Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eventful Valentine's

Today is Valentine’s Day, and what an eventful Valentine’s Day it is. Today, Arman starts his first Speech Therapy Session. I took the morning off to take him there. But before we left, bright and early, I took Melur to the clinic. She hasn’t been feeling well – fever on and off. We finally decided to take Melur to see a doctor.

Kelly, the Speech Therapist, was very nice. I was a bit embarrassed, because Arman apparently has some huge issues with facing problems. Arman likes to run away from problems. So I need to do something about that. Arman started off well, with the tests Kelly was giving. But towards the end, he completely shut down and did not want to participate. This was when he started hiding under the desk. Anyway, that was that. I will be strategizing on how to help Arman.

When I got home after work, there was a package waiting for me. Since it was Valentine’s Day, I assumed it was for me, except that the name on the card read Mommy’s name. Was someone sending a Valentine’s Day present for Mommy?

I called Mommy, and as it turns out, it actually WAS for Daddy. Thank you Mommy. Mommy’s gift is waiting for her when she comes back next week. We are anxiously awaiting your return. Come on home Mommy!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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