Saturday, February 2, 2008

Malaysia Singapore Night 2008

It’s Malaysia Singapore Night (MSN) 2008. Daddy performed with Gardenburst last year, and so he’s doing it again. It’s been one whole fun-filled year with the band. Daddy is looking forward to performing some Malay music. It’s quite rare, since the band like to play mostly English covers.

In the afternoon, Daddy brought the kids to the venue to practice. The performance isn’t until later tonight, but Daddy thought Nenek could use some rest before tonight. We took the bus, and hung out for a while.

Before the show started, Daddy borrowed Uncle Steve’s car to pick-up Nenek. Thank you Steve!!! Nenek brought the kids to the auditorium with the kids, while Daddy prepared a little more with the band.

The performance went pretty well. Just as we started our first song, there was a circuit break, and the entire stage was dark. Only some lights were working, and the PA system was completely out. We improvised, and performed our famous “More than words” acoustic rendition (really acoustic, without even amplifiers). Melur sang along, and some people laughed when they heard her.

The power came back on midway through the song, and we were able to complete our set without any hitches. You can check out the band called Gardenburst here.

We soon had an intermission, when food was served. Nenek has the chance to meet some other Malaysian, namely the people from the Consulate General of Malaysia, and also from Tourism Malaysia.

The kids were getting pretty tired, and since Daddy was done performing, I borrowed Uncle Steve’s car again, and drove Nenek and the kids back home. I wish Mommy were around to experience MSN with us.

After sending the Nenek and the kids, I went back to the venue to clean up and say goodbye. Will Daddy be performing next year at MSN 2009?

Go Gardenburst

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