Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trip to UBC Hospital

A few days ago, Nenek slipped on some ice, and hurt her wrist. We took her to the clinic after work one day, and the doctor suggested an X-Ray. So today, Daddy took the day off, and we made our way to the UBC hospital to get an X-Ray. We hadn’t gotten Health Insurance for Nenek in time, so for this visit, we’ll be paying out of our pocket (She’s covered now, though). Many places don’t even accept patients without insurance, so we purchased one immediately. Luckily, UBC hospital accepts such patients. Hopefully, it’s not too expensive.

We decided to walk to the hospital. It’s only about 1-2 blocks away. We braved the snow and made our way slowly there. Melur and Arman noticed a Snow Man on the way, and stopped to admire it (or should I say, play with it).

The people at the hospital were really nice. While we waited, the kids played with a jigsaw puzzle just laying around in the waiting room. The entire trip to the hospital was about 20 minutes, and the physician was kind enough to examine the X-Ray and let us know Nenek should be fine (even though the X-Ray is suppose to be taken back to the original clinic for diagnosis).

We headed back by bus. We’ll need to go back to the clinic with the X-Rays for the official word. Hope you feel better Nenek!

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