Saturday, January 5, 2008

Family Lunch at TGIF

The Family at TGIF

Daddy accumulated a few points from his credit card, and managed to redeem it for a few vouchers at TGIF. So today, Daddy is taking out the whole family, Nenek Rahmah, Atuk Kandan, and all the siblings for lunch at TGIF One Utama. Daddy didn’t have much time in Malaysia to begin with, so we grabbed the first opportunity we had.

Mommy and Daddy

We just had a Big BBQ yesterday, and already we’re set to binge out again. TGIF is a great family restaurant. It was a little dark, but otherwise the restaurant was quite accommodating for large families.

Uncle Danny and Aunty Miza

We took this time to catch up on old times (not that we didn’t do a lot of catching up already). It was a little more mellow than last nights “robust” BBQ, but with 5 kids ages 6 and under, it was still quite energetic. We managed to take some pictures, and a video.

After lunch, we decided to take a short stroll around One Utama. That’s when we saw a Reptile Exhibit. We didn’t really want to go in at first (it was a bit expensive), but they enticed us with a little snake, right at the front door. So I guess we couldn’t really resist.

It’s a very small exhibit. Most of the “reptiles” were in little aquariums. I say “reptiles” because for a Reptile Exhibit, there were sure a lot of mammals and spiders. Who named this exhibit a Reptile Exhibit in the first place?

We got Melur and Arman to hold the large Albino python. They were pretty excited. We didn’t have to pay anything, but we were required to buy a picture taken on their digital camera. Go Figure! I guess they have to make money somehow.

The Albino Snake

We had to leave in a hurry. Cause Atuk Kas and Nenek Badariah were throwing a little Tea Party for Uncle Danny who’s leaving for Japan in a few days. He’s actually relocating there for a few years for Shell. Lucky him? Or unlucky him? He’ll be moving there with Aunty Miza after the baby is born.

The Aunties

At that was the end of a pretty long day. I tell you, I was stuffed beyond imagination, with a large TGIF dinner, and then a pretty decent Tea Party at Atuk Kas and Nenek Badariah’s house. We’ll be skipping dinner tonight.

We wish Uncle Danny and Aunty Miza all the best in their adventures to Japan.

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Miss Quixotically Quirky said...

Wow that' brave off the two of you. Anyway see you all soon.
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