Monday, January 14, 2008

Registering Arman at VSB

It’s Monday! We’ve been back about 2 days now, and before we return our rental car, we have an urgent piece of business to do – Registering Arman at the Vancouver School Board (VSB), so that Arman can start Kindergarten this fall.

Well… a short summary of what happened yesterday: Despite having a rental car (which we paid for), we ended up sleeping most of the day and not going anywhere. Aww…. I guess we were really tired.

Bright and early this Monday morning, after sending Melur to school at around 8 am, we headed over to VSB. Despite arriving at around 8:45 am (It opens at 8 am), we were number 6 in-line and finished at 10 am. I’m very impressed. We just have a bit of groceries to do before I return the car downtown.

We’re missing you Mommy. Hope you’re doing well over there. Come home quickly…

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