Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow Day with Nenek

It’s snowing!!! We left early this morning to go to Safeway for some groceries. This would be Nenek’s first trip on the bus. I thought it’d be a good adventure for us. It was snowing lightly when we left, with slight accumulation. I let Nenek use Daddy’s old winter jacket. I hope it’s warm enough.

On the way to Safeway

The kids were playing with the wet snow, and Melur’s shoes got wet. So we didn’t want to stay long at Safeway. After purchasing just a few important items, we waited for the bus again and headed home.

That was when we noticed the snow getting really heavy. When we got off the bus near our house, everything was white. Hard to believe that less than an hour ago, there was hardly any accumulation at all. I think the kids (and also Nenek) were excited to see snow again, after such a long time. Arman and Melur spent the past few months in warm and sunny Malaysia.

On the way back from Safeway

When we got back, we warmed ourselves in the living room. I don’t think Nenek is used to the cold yet. But the kids seemed quite comfortable. Hey Mommy! Want to play with some snow? Come back soon…

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