Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Yasan!

Did I spell that right?

Today, we celebrate Yasan’s birthday at Telus Science World here in Vancouver. I was surprised to get a call from Yasan’s Dad a few days ago, when he invited us for the party. He’s been really nice to us, and has sent Melur and I home on several occasions, from Kinderclub. And… Yasan’s dad even managed to squeeze the 3 of us in his SUV (along with Yasan, Yasan’s Mom and Yasan’s Grandma), to take us to Science World this morning. That’s 4 adults and 3 kids! I’ve got to get me one of those SUVs.

We arrived on time (since we arrived with the hosts). But the other guests arrived kind of late. We waited around in the lobby for the other guests. We couldn’t go ahead inside until everyone arrived. Late arrivers wouldn’t be able to get inside. It was one of those rules. Melur and Arman explored the popcorn machine near by.

Ooh... Popcorn...

Once we got a good number of people (I think there were a few no shows), we headed inside. I was surprised to find out that only 2 (that’s right! ONLY TWO) parents were allowed inside. The other parents were expected to roam about for an hour until the party ended. And that’s what I did.

After the party, the kids have free entry to the Science World exhibit, and so we checked out the scene. We met up with Melur’s classmate from Kinderclub, Arshia.

Playing with Arshia

The Science World is pretty cool. There were so many cool exhibits, most of which were very interactive, great for kids. Here we see Arman with one of the exhibits.

Arman is inquisitive

We didn’t get to check out all the exhibits. The Science World is REALLY big. I guess that’s why you can get like a “season pass”, and come here very week. But Daddy was getting really tired, and there were still some errands to run. So we left for the bus stop and headed for the Halal Meat Market. And that how we spent this Saturday morning / afternoon, at Yasan’s Birthday Party.

Happy Birthday Yasan!

Did I spell that right?

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