Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mommy is Home

No pictures today. Daddy was too happy enjoying Mommy’s arrival. Daddy was hoping to bring the whole family to meet Mommy at the airport. Daddy even rented a huge Subaru station wagon zipcar for the trip. But since Melur isn’t feeling well, she’ll be staying home with Nenek. So again, it’s Arman and Daddy off to pick-up Mommy at the airport.

When we arrived, Mommy had already touched down, for about 20 minutes. But she hadn’t gotten through customs yet. We brought some flowers to Mommy, and Daddy had Arman give it to her. Welcome home Mommy.

We went straight home. We then took Melur to the clinic again, and so Melur will be on antibiotics for the next few days. There’s been a virus circulating, and the high fever was triggered by an infection, which needs antibiotics. And doctors here in Canada hate giving out antibiotics, especially to children.

Anyway, it’s good to have you back Mommy.

Welcome home Mommy!

Friday, February 22, 2008

High Fever

Melur’s Fever is really high today, and I mean really high. I had to give her a cold bath in the tub. She didn’t appreciate that very much. But after that, her spirits were up again.

Don’t worry Melur, Mommy is coming home tomorrow!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Out with Arman

I decided to take Arman out today. He needs some new pants. So we took the bus, just the two of us, to Zellers at Oakridge Mall. Melur didn’t want to come along. Arman on the other hand, was very eager to hang out with Daddy. So today will be one of those Guys’ Day Out.

I was so hungry when we arrived, so the first thing we did was hit the food court and got ourselves some NY Fries. Mmmm…. Yummy….

And right after, it was down to business. We went to Zeller’s, got a couple of pairs of pants, and that was our day. I’m sure there will be many more Guys’ Days Out to come.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eventful Valentine's

Today is Valentine’s Day, and what an eventful Valentine’s Day it is. Today, Arman starts his first Speech Therapy Session. I took the morning off to take him there. But before we left, bright and early, I took Melur to the clinic. She hasn’t been feeling well – fever on and off. We finally decided to take Melur to see a doctor.

Kelly, the Speech Therapist, was very nice. I was a bit embarrassed, because Arman apparently has some huge issues with facing problems. Arman likes to run away from problems. So I need to do something about that. Arman started off well, with the tests Kelly was giving. But towards the end, he completely shut down and did not want to participate. This was when he started hiding under the desk. Anyway, that was that. I will be strategizing on how to help Arman.

When I got home after work, there was a package waiting for me. Since it was Valentine’s Day, I assumed it was for me, except that the name on the card read Mommy’s name. Was someone sending a Valentine’s Day present for Mommy?

I called Mommy, and as it turns out, it actually WAS for Daddy. Thank you Mommy. Mommy’s gift is waiting for her when she comes back next week. We are anxiously awaiting your return. Come on home Mommy!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Yasan!

Did I spell that right?

Today, we celebrate Yasan’s birthday at Telus Science World here in Vancouver. I was surprised to get a call from Yasan’s Dad a few days ago, when he invited us for the party. He’s been really nice to us, and has sent Melur and I home on several occasions, from Kinderclub. And… Yasan’s dad even managed to squeeze the 3 of us in his SUV (along with Yasan, Yasan’s Mom and Yasan’s Grandma), to take us to Science World this morning. That’s 4 adults and 3 kids! I’ve got to get me one of those SUVs.

We arrived on time (since we arrived with the hosts). But the other guests arrived kind of late. We waited around in the lobby for the other guests. We couldn’t go ahead inside until everyone arrived. Late arrivers wouldn’t be able to get inside. It was one of those rules. Melur and Arman explored the popcorn machine near by.

Ooh... Popcorn...

Once we got a good number of people (I think there were a few no shows), we headed inside. I was surprised to find out that only 2 (that’s right! ONLY TWO) parents were allowed inside. The other parents were expected to roam about for an hour until the party ended. And that’s what I did.

After the party, the kids have free entry to the Science World exhibit, and so we checked out the scene. We met up with Melur’s classmate from Kinderclub, Arshia.

Playing with Arshia

The Science World is pretty cool. There were so many cool exhibits, most of which were very interactive, great for kids. Here we see Arman with one of the exhibits.

Arman is inquisitive

We didn’t get to check out all the exhibits. The Science World is REALLY big. I guess that’s why you can get like a “season pass”, and come here very week. But Daddy was getting really tired, and there were still some errands to run. So we left for the bus stop and headed for the Halal Meat Market. And that how we spent this Saturday morning / afternoon, at Yasan’s Birthday Party.

Happy Birthday Yasan!

Did I spell that right?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Malaysia Singapore Night 2008

It’s Malaysia Singapore Night (MSN) 2008. Daddy performed with Gardenburst last year, and so he’s doing it again. It’s been one whole fun-filled year with the band. Daddy is looking forward to performing some Malay music. It’s quite rare, since the band like to play mostly English covers.

In the afternoon, Daddy brought the kids to the venue to practice. The performance isn’t until later tonight, but Daddy thought Nenek could use some rest before tonight. We took the bus, and hung out for a while.

Before the show started, Daddy borrowed Uncle Steve’s car to pick-up Nenek. Thank you Steve!!! Nenek brought the kids to the auditorium with the kids, while Daddy prepared a little more with the band.

The performance went pretty well. Just as we started our first song, there was a circuit break, and the entire stage was dark. Only some lights were working, and the PA system was completely out. We improvised, and performed our famous “More than words” acoustic rendition (really acoustic, without even amplifiers). Melur sang along, and some people laughed when they heard her.

The power came back on midway through the song, and we were able to complete our set without any hitches. You can check out the band called Gardenburst here.

We soon had an intermission, when food was served. Nenek has the chance to meet some other Malaysian, namely the people from the Consulate General of Malaysia, and also from Tourism Malaysia.

The kids were getting pretty tired, and since Daddy was done performing, I borrowed Uncle Steve’s car again, and drove Nenek and the kids back home. I wish Mommy were around to experience MSN with us.

After sending the Nenek and the kids, I went back to the venue to clean up and say goodbye. Will Daddy be performing next year at MSN 2009?

Go Gardenburst