Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kids Must Listen...

Here's what we do to Melur and Arman when they are naughty... ha ha ha

Winterlude 2011: Part 1

Sometime in mid-February we went to Ottawa for a short, family holiday. The trip coincided with one of Arman's chess tournaments, which was held on Sunday. We left Kingston on Friday... the plan was to spend the Saturday at Jacques-Cartier Park, and let the kids enjoy the snow playground. Unfortunately, the weather was warm and the snow melted... no snow playground for us. We decided to make the best of things and see what they have to offer at the Confederation Park instead. They was an ice sculpture show... and other exhibits. Melur and Arman seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Here are some pictures...

Melur and Arman at the maple wood carving booth. They had all sorts of toys made from wood at this booth.

Mommy, Melur, and Arman... all three on our snow motorbike.

Melur resting on a sofa made out of ice... very, very cool.

The four of us in front of the winterlude sign...

Papa... you can see the line for the famous Ottawa beavertail behind him. We wanted to get some... but well, as you can see... the line was too long... and was just too cold to be standing in line.