Monday, September 26, 2011

Melur's 9th Birthday!

We had a small birthday celebration for Melur last Sunday, Sept 25. One thing different about kids birthday parties (and weddings) here compared to Malaysia is that the size is usually much smaller. We only had 14 kids altogether, a dozen of Melur's schoold friends (all girls), Arman, and Melur. The Venue was at a cooking school, so it was a cooking and baking themed birthday party. The kids seem to enjoy themselves, they made their own pizzas (including the pizza dough), fruit kebabs, and cupcakes.

Melur's birthday is actually around the end of August, August 30. But she was OK with having the birthday party much later in September. Mommy was too busy with her comprehensive exam, which was on the same week as Melur's birthday. We are lucky to have Melur, she's so thoughtful and considerate...:)

Seriously working on the pizza dough

Arman working on his pizza dough, look at that level of concentration!

Arman was shy at first, but he seems to be at home afterwards. He made himself useful during clean-up time.

Getting silly before the birthday cake

Birthday cake time!

Birthday loot for this year... thanks everyone, Melur loves all the gifts.