Sunday, December 10, 2006

Arman is 3!

Our "little" baby boy is now officially a 3-year old. By the way, if you've seen our Arman, you definitely know why I used double quotes to the word little. We celebrated his birthday by having a modest get-together with a small group of Malaysian undergraduates from UBC. It was befitting that we had only the "uncles" for the gathering and no "auntie". Our boy is after all... a boy.

We had the usual blowing the candle and eating the cake event. We bought Arman a yellow toy tractor that he chose himself the day before. We simply wrapped it nicely for him to open on his birthday. He loves it so much that he slept with it for a whole week. He also takes it outside to play in the sandbox whenever the weather is nice enough. Mommy and Daddy think that we'll let the kids choose their own toy gifts from now on. Buying one that they like is much better since they will probably end up playing with it more. The boys also bought our Arman a gift. They are definitely a good bunch of boys. Lets hope Arman grows up with them (and of course Daddy) as role models.

Mommy is in a rather philosophical mood right now. She remembers how the name Arman Farabi came about. Arman comes from a Persian word that means inspiration, and Farabi is the name of a famous Muslim scholar. Al-Farabi is known as a musician, astronomer, philosopher and scientist. You can Wiki Al-Farabi here. We hope that Arman grows up to become a man of many accomplishments such as Al-Farabi himself. He is taking the first step by learning colors.

A few things that we note about Arman are:
  • Has a big laugh that puts a smile on your face

  • Has an abundant amount of energy

  • Loves to cuddle and will seize the opportunity to sit on your lap whenever possible

  • Has a competitive spirit (he takes whatever toy Melur is playing with)

  • Loves tractors (boys will be boys), buses, books and food (we have yet to see him say no to food)
So lastly, to friends and family looking at this blog. Enjoy some of the pictures we took during Arman's birthday party. Our thanks to Syafiq and his digital camera (got to get ourselves one of these in the near future) for the nice pictures.

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