Sunday, December 31, 2006

Another Raya Another Open House

Our Hari Raya Aidiladha, which this year coincides with New Year's Eve, was spent in Coquitlam at Kak Linda's House. It was a feast worth waiting for. As usual, the trip was long and arduous, but the kids were in high spirits. Melur and Arman definitely enjoyed the scenery.

Enjoying the view from the front of the train

There were also a few other students from Edmonton who joined in the festivities. They rode with us for the 2 and half hour journey. Their day started with their early morning flight over here, so I'd guess they were quite cranky by the 2nd hour.

Awesome FOOD!!!

Food was good. Company was good. It was a little more mellow than Aidilfitri. But the cozy atmosphere made it much more easier for us to mingle. The restaurant business here is pretty big. Apparently, Banana Leaf, which is a Malaysian Restaurant in Vancouver, has been around for several years... 10 years at least. That's quite a feat. But the menu there has been fused for the local palate. So we shouldn't expect food like Mama used to make. But it's pretty good nonetheless.

Melur and Arman playing with Syafiq while waiting for the bus

We had to leave early, cause of the whole journey taking us hours. Arman was so naughty on the bus. He didn't want to sit down. Kids get cranky when they are tired. And then don't appear tired when they're cranky. Which is quite a twist.

Arman just wouldn't sit down

So New Year's eve, other than the Aidiladha gathering, was quite uneventful. No fireworks or anything like that, at least not for us (Too tired to go out and see it). But it was the end of a good year nonetheless. Mommy and Daddy will be making some resolutions for the new year, which we hope will make things better for the family in the future.

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