Sunday, December 24, 2006

Turkey Again

So it's Christmas Weekend, and a 4-day weekend in Vancouver. Boxing Day (which is the Day after Chrismas) is also a statutory holiday. Which means, no work for me. And since most families in Vancouver have turkey for dinner on X'mas, we thought we'd do the same. We love turkey.

Mmmmmm... Turkey...

Arman, Nasir, Syafiq, Zul, Daddy and Melur (below)

And so again, we invited the boys over for turkey on Sunday (Christmas Eve). We got another 17-lbs bird from the Halal Meat Market, and used the same Betty Crocker recipe from Thanksgiving. The turkey turned out great, as you can see from the desecrated remains of said turkey. What carnivorous eaters we have in UBC. Oh well... better than letting it go to waste.

Desecrated Turkey

After the meal, we pretty much sat around and watched tv. Our living room is still a bit bare, so we all ended up eating on the floor, Malay style. It was a quiet evening, filled with food galore.

Enjoy the Turkey

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