Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello Metrotown

OK, I'll be frank. This is just an excuse to put up some more pictures of the kids. It's Sunday, and I brought the kids to Metrotown, which is a shopping mall just outside Vancouver. We took 2 buses and a train just to get there. But it was a fun day with the kids, while Mommy was busy working at UBC.

The mall was pretty big.. 2 floors, and very expansive... yes, I mean sprawling. So many stores. Christmas was approaching, and I can only imagine what this place would be like on Boxing Day! I took the kids site seeing basically. I brought tuna sandwiches for lunch, which they enjoy.

We saw Santa at the main lobby, but the line to see him was SOOOOOO long. I didn't feel like waiting in line with the kids, so we just walked around some more. By mid day, the kids were getting tired. TIRED= CRANKY. So I had to bribe them with some smoothies.

We shared two. Yup, I bribed them with one first. And then when things got tough, we shared another. Hehehee... Hey! It's not easy being a parent. Anyway, the day was relatively uneventful. We took the train back around 5pm, and the kids were quiet, all pooped out. Hope the pictures were ok.

Melur and Arman in a Toy Car

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