Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day! Daddy planned a special evening at home with the family. It's not like Mommy and Daddy can go out today, with two adorable kids at home. Daddy got some beef fillets from the Halal meat market, and prepared some steak. Place Setting for 4. Yummy....

The menu today, Beef Steak cooked medium-well, served with Wild Mushroom Sauce, with sides of steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower, Hash Browns, and Baked Corn. Mommy brought some Cranberry Juice, a sweet delectable complement to the salty taste of the meat.

Daddy and Mommy enjoying Dinner

Melur and- Hey! Where's Arman?

After dinner, we had ICE-CREAM! I think that was a suitable ending to our Special Valentine's Day Evening together as a family.

Kids having Ice-Cream for Dessert


Uncle Danny & Aunty Miza said...

Hi there guys :D It's nice to be able to see your pictures here. Mama just told us about your blog so here we are! Roy and Kak Ayu, the kids are sooo cute!! We think Maman has lost weight and so is Melur. Maman has grown to become a good looking boy and Melur on the other hand has always been pretty. Looking at how adorable they are makes us feel like we'd like to change our 'family planning' strategy ;) haha..
Alright, say hi to Melur and Arman. Keep us updated with more pics!

PS--We have a blog in Friendster but its too lovey-dovey so not worth sharing :) There's photoblog so perhaps you can show the kids pics of the uncle & aunty ;)

The Daddy said...

Hahahahaa.... We found your blog, and put a link to our site. Lovey-dovey isn't the word for it. But hey, we're family...

You should put up some more recent pictures on it. I think it's been a while since you posted pictures there.