Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nice Day for a Picnic

Lunch Outside

The morning of February 18th, 2007 was bright and cheery. We haven't had good weather in Vancouver for a while. Our initial plan was to go to downtown, and visit the underground mall there. But who wants to waste good weather walking around inside an underground mall? We decided to walk around the neighborhood instead.

Acadia Preschool for Arman

So around 12 noon we headed towards Acadia Park Pre-school. The previous Friday, Mommy registered Arman to attend this pre-school on a full-time basis starting September. Classes for Arman will be on weekdays from 8:30am until 1pm. The walk to the pre-school is between 10 to 15 minutes. Mommy figures that she'll be walking Arman to school daily starting fall... that should be enjoyable. What is less enjoyable is making sure he goes to sleep the night before so that he'll wake up early the next day. Arman has so much energy but amazingly he doesn't seem to need much sleep...

Melur & Arman playing near Acadia Preschool

We took pictures of the pre-school for the blog. The kids played a bit at the small park in front of the pre-school. Around 1pm we sat and had a nice lunch. We had home-made sandwiches, yogurt and bananas. You can see the pictures of Melur and Arman playing, and the whole family having a nice picnic outside.

Picnic Lunch Outside

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting our groceries at Safeway. We also stopped for a break at Starbucks... enjoying our usual hot chocolate. Hope the kids will grow up remembering the good times we shared as a family...:)

Arman at Starbucks

Melur at Starbucks

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The Daddy said...

What an awesome day! Wish it didn't rain so much, though...