Saturday, February 3, 2007

Malaysia Singapore Night (MSN)

So the Malaysia Singapore Night is finally here. It was a rather large hall with seating for about 250 guests. We started off with cultural performances by Tourism Malaysia. The kids seemed to enjoy the cultural dances. Arman kept walking up and down the isle to get a closer look.

After that, there was a Fashion Show organized by the students. And soon after, food was served, courtesy of Linda's Kitchen, the same Aunty Linda we visited during Hari Raya. And so... food was fantastic. There was a huge line just to get to the food.

Melur managed to get a Malaysian flag from one of the guests, and started waiving it around. Arman was jealous.

Daddy is all set to perform with his Rock Band called GardenBurst. Melur and Arman couldn't keep their hands off the drum sticks. Daddy had to give it to someone else for safe-keeping.

If you wanna see clips from the event, you can go to Daddy's Music Page, or Daddy's YouTube Account. During the performance, Melur and Arman actually came on stage to 'kacau' Daddy. Mommy had a tough time chasing them around, and trying to restrain them. Daddy had to sit the kids next to him and the drum set. But the audience was quite sporting. Daddy thinks they mostly think the kids are cute.

Well, that was Malaysia Singapore Night at UBC. The kids definitely want to be in a Rock Band after this experience. Melur actually picked up a microphone and almost started singing. Daddy had to stop her. Oh well... At least they don't have stage fright!

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