Sunday, February 11, 2007

Swimming Suits from Metrotown

Today's weather wasn't as sunny as yesterday. In fact, weather was quite dreary with overcast clouds and intermittent rain. Normally, we'd stay home on a day like this. But Melur was in desperate need of a new swimming suit for her swimming class. So off we went to Metrotown by bus and by train.

And the first thing they did when we got to Metrotown was... get in a toy truck. They were begging me for coins. But alas... Daddy didn't have the change to spare. So off we went to Zeller's to shop for swimming suits for Arman and Melur.

After finishing up at Zeller's, the kids were getting pretty tired. I had promised them Hot Chocolate. And so we went to Starbucks. Starbucks hot chocolate is GREAT... much better than Blenz (in my opinion, though Mommy may say otherwise).

Kecik-kecik dah pi Starbucks!

After Starbucks, the children were hungry... so off to McDonald's again (we just went yesterday). We shared a Fish Filet Meal. I don't recommend McDonald's at Metrotown on weekends. It was a little scary... Lots of teenagers who were a bit... unruly.

Anyway... after all that, it was time to head home. As usual, the kids fought for that one seat at the end of the train with the real good view of the tracks. When we got on the bus, Arman was so tired, he couldn't stay awake. He slept on the bus ride all the way back to UBC campus. But we got what we came for. Take a look at the kids in their new bathing suits.

Arman and Melur in their new Bathing Suits

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