Friday, September 7, 2007

Arman's Pre-School Orientation

Mommy and Arman attended Acadia Park pre-school orientation today. Arman will start pre-school next week, and the school is having a 2-hour orientation session at the Commons Block's Fireside Lounge. The session was basically for the teachers to get to know the parents, and vice versa.

The orientation started at 9:30 am. Mommy and Arman headed out to Commons Block about 10 minutes to 9:30 am. We arrived there right on the dot... and most of the parents and kids were there already. The pre-school prepared a few activities for the kids... they had puzzles and games to keep the kids busy. Arman was happy playing with the puzzles... He played almost all of the puzzles and was proud to show off each one whenever he completed them.

On the other hand, the parents all gathered around the fireside in a circle. We went around in a circle introducing ourselves, and were asked to choose one word to describe our child. Unfortunately, Mommy got the last turn... and by the time the circle got to Mommy, most of the good words were taken... "energetic, happy, intelligent, perceptive..." Mommy ended up with... "sleepless" coz Arman doesn't seem to ever be sleepy, and caused Mommy to be really sleepy during her confinement days. Papa later said that Mommy could have chosen "rambunctious." Arrrgghhh... that would have been a more elegant word to use. Mommy also was asked to put together a string of beads and tie up one of Arman's favorite toys in the middle. Mommy brought one of Arman's small miniature dinosaurs, and put together a really long and colorful string of beads together.

There was also a short information and Q&A session. Mommy found out that the pre-school is a non-profit organization. There are four full-time teachers... and they usually have 2 practicum students each semester. The pre-school opens at 8:30 am but roll call is at 9:15 am, so the kids usually arrive sometime between 8:30 am to 9:00 am. They are not very "academic-based" not like the Malaysian kindergartens / pre-schools, but are focused more on skills... like getting to know shapes, colors, singing rhymes... all the fun stuff that kids Arman's age should experience.

It was really a fun orientation day for both Mommy and Arman. Hopefully, Arman will enjoy his pre-school experience.

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