Thursday, September 20, 2007

Meet the Teacher

Today is "meet the teacher" day at Melur's school, U-Hill Elementary. It is a regular school day in the morning, but parents and students are supposed to come back and attend a one-hour session at school. The agenda is basically: half-hour meeting with the class teacher, fifteen minutes with the principal, and another fifteen minutes for refreshments.

Well, at about 6 pm the four of us started walking, making our way from home. The walk to school is usually about 20 minutes, but we decided to start out slightly early so that we can have a leisurely walk. We arrived on time and went straight to Melur's classroom. Her teacher's name is Linda. Melur introduced Mommy to Linda and Mommy managed to ask - "How's Melur doing?" Linda said Melur's fine... not much opportunity for a long conversation since there were lots of other parents there. While Papa was with Melur and Arman, Mommy looked around for a bit and saw that other teachers prepared a short speech on class activities and such. We wish that Linda did the same... It’d be better since we have a large group of parents.

Afterwards, there was a big assembly at the school gym. It reminded Mommy of her school days when they have "perhimpunan sekolah" every morning. The principal introduced each teacher and the grades they teach. We were also told that the school's project this year is "early literacy." This means that they want to emphasize early reading and writing in all the children - increase the borrowing rate for the library, put more reading materials in classes, etc. Sounds good to us!

The last session was the best. All parents were asked to bring cookies to share during refreshments. We brought Oreos... and everybody else brought other types. There was a large room filled with cookies on the tables. We had such a nice time trying out different ones... the good ones are usually home made though. The school provided coffee and milk... a nice way for Mommy and Papa to break our fast, while the kids just love eating cookies...

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