Friday, September 14, 2007

Pick-Up Melur and Iftar

It’s Friday, and today Daddy picks Melur up at school, instead of Mommy. Daddy made it to Melur’ school just before 5 pm. After going to school for about 4 days, it looks like Melur has settled in quite nicely. I took some pictures of Melur’s cubby (kind of like an open locker), where she keeps her jacket, bag, and other stuff (like bicycle helmet). She’s decorated it herself. There’s a placard with her name on it, which Melur put together herself.

Later that night, we had Iftar on campus, our first MSA iftar for this year’s Ramadhan. The mood was festive. The food was great and plentiful, and a nice change from the normal food we cook at home. Arman hung out with me, while Melur had dinner with Mommy in the ladies’ section.

So this is how we end Melur’s first week of school, and our second day of Ramadhan.

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