Saturday, September 22, 2007

SMC Ice Breaker

Today, we went to the Seri Malaysia Club (SMC) Icebreaker event held at the UBC SUB. It was an afternoon event, and Daddy’s band (Gardenburst) was performing a few acoustic numbers.

While the band prepared for the gig, Melur wrote her name on a sticker and put it on her jacket. It was an Icebreaker event, after all. She wasn’t very cooperative with me taking her picture at first, but she eventually gave in.

SMC prepared some Malaysian food for the guests. Daddy was fasting today, but no matter. The club saved some food for us to bring home. Melur and Arman however, had some nice Nasi Lemak. There was a long queue for the food, but Daddy arranged for some quick food for the kids, and they quickly began eating near the front of the room, while Daddy and his band continued to prepare for the gig.

Gardenburst performed 5 songs today, all acoustic. The sound system wasn’t very good, so I only posted the first video on You Tube. Take a look.

We made a lot of new friends today. There’s a new family who just arrived earlier this month. They live out at Richmond. Their kids played with Melur and Arman after lunch. It was, all in all, a pretty nice afternoon. What a way to start off the academic year. Wish Mommy was here...

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