Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day at Magdalena’s

With KinderClub over, Melur has some free time. And so today, she’s invited to hangout at Magdalena’s place with Arshia. Magdalena’s parents by the way run KinderClub. This is Melur’s first day at a friend’s house, for virtually the entire day. Jamie (Magdalena’s dad) picked up Melur and Arshia in the morning around 11 am. Daddy and Arshia’s mom picked the kids after work at around 5:30 pm.

We had a chance to hang around a little while, and enjoy the evening with the kids. Magdalena has a really large back yard. How nice. It was getting quite late, so we didn’t stay long. Magdalena’s house is way in Burnaby, near the Edmonds SkyTrain station. We had to take the train back to Broadway, and take the 99 back to campus. I think the kids were quite spent. But they had lots of fun nonetheless.

Thank you Magdalena for having us over. Hope we can come again soon.

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