Sunday, July 13, 2008

Imax 3D: Deep Sea

Daddy found a deal on IMAX movies in the local paper a few days ago – 4 movies for CDN$25. So we set out today to watch our first IMAX 3D movie in Vancouver. Melur has seen one IMAX 3D movie back in Malaysia, called Polar Express. That was a pretty good movie, but I think Melur was too young to remember.

The IMAX theatre is located at Canada Place, which is by the sea. It’s sort of a harbour for huge vacation cruisers. The theatre is actually way at the back, so we made our way up some stairs, and saw the docked cruiser. What a sight!

On the way to IMAX

Today we watched Deep Sea 3D. The movie was AWESOME!!! Very educational, which is always a plus for the kids (or the parents). Arman couldn’t stay in his seat. He’s actually very easily excited when watching intense situations. Both Melur and Arman reached out toward the screen, thinking that they could touch the 3D animals they saw in the movie. How funny is that?

After the Movie

Well… that was our first trip to IMAX. We have coupons for 3 more IMAX 3D movies. I wonder which one we’ll watch next. It expires at the end of summer, so we’ll be watching quite often for the next few weeks. Oh well…

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