Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hair Cut Day

Another Saturday, another day with the family. Daddy took the kids out today after swimming classes at the UBC Aquatic Centre. The kids have swimming class every Saturday morning.

The kids needed a haircut (and so did I), so we headed to Point Grey (which we call "The Near Safeway") by bike and had our haircut at Great Clips. It's always a hoot going out with the kids.

After the haircut, we headed a couple short blocks north to a nearby playground. It's a pretty big playground, and the kids had fun. I took this chance to relax a little bit.

But we couldn't stay long. It looked like it was gonna start raining soon, so we made our way back. Melur and Arman couldn't agree on a bike route, and threw a tantrum. But we made it through.

Check out the video from after we got back from our trip:

You'll notice from the video, one of the first things that Arman says is "But we didn't buy some tape". The kids love arts and craft, and they go through rolls and rolls of cellophane tape monthly (I would say weekly, but that would be exaggerating). And I mean rolls and rolls. We had to ration it out. They like drawing and then taping them up on the wall. You can see it in the video.

Anyway, this was my fun Saturday with the kids...

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