Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Friends

Seeing as it’s summer, a Melur and Arman spend quite a good deal outside with friends, I thought I’d take a few pictures, just to remind them how summer is when fall and winter come along. And since we live in university housing, this is the time families come and go as they enrol and graduate from UBC. We’ll be saying good-bye to some friends and hello to some new faces this summer.

Here are some new faces, at least to me. Melur has been playing with Budoor and Salim quite often these past few days. I think they just arrived from Saudi Arabia recent. And hanging around with Melur also is Yan-Lin (pictured separately on the right). We see her often. She lives just across the playground. They’ll both be attending Grade 1 at University Hill Elementary this fall.

Arman, Budoor, Melur and Salim

Summer months are always fun. It’s been quite sunny. I love the weather. I hope it holds, and Melur and Arman can enjoy many afternoons with friends at Acadia Park.

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