Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Out with Arman on Canada Day

Today is Canada Day, a statutory holiday in BC (and the rest of Canada, I presume). For some odd reason, Melur doesn’t want to play with Arman today and established a “Boys and Girls” Club without any boys. Only Tamara and Yan-Lin are in the club with Melur. Poor Arman. He's pretty bummed about that…

Melur's Boys and Girls Club

I guess we’ll have to make our own little “Boys” Club. And so Arman and Daddy made our way out to run some errands, namely to get some Halal meat. Haha… We had a chance to bond as father and son. Arman was so well behaved today. I couldn’t help treating him with a smoothie from Booster Juice, here at the UBC Village.

We made a short stop at Safeway for some groceries, before going to Shapla Meat Market, over on Broadway and Frasier. The butcher there knows us well, and was wondering why Melur didn’t come along. Oh well… We can have fun without her. And after all that was done, we made our way back by bus.

And that was my afternoon with Arman. He’s so much fun. Happy Canada Day everyone!

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