Friday, July 18, 2008

Play at Kerrisdale

Today was a special day for the kids... Arman's school had a field trip to Kerrisdale Play Place at Kerrisdale Arena. Mommy decided to volunteer and bring Melur along, since Melur's summer holidays already started.

We took a bus with the rest of the kids from Arman's pre-school class, and had snacks outside before going into the play place. We took some pictures... See how happy and excited Melur and Arman look during the snack time.

The Kerrisdale Place has lots of inflatable castle, an obstacle course, a giant slide, and car rides. Melur and Arman cannot stop running around, trying out, and playing with everything. I think they went on the giant slide a couple of times. Melur's favourite is the slide, while Arman really likes the two-wheeler thingy (see picture... not sure what those things are called).

Definitely a fun day!

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