Sunday, December 2, 2007

All Alone

It’s Sunday, and Daddy’s at home all by himself. It’s been snowing since yesterday, and finally for the first time this season, there’s some accumulation. And the kids aren’t around to enjoy it. Where would you rather be - In warm sunny Malaysia; Or cold snowy Vancouver? I think I’d go for the former…

A lot of people ventured outside on this first day of snow this winter. I stayed indoors. It’s not as much fun without the kids. I took some picture of our lonesome abode. We got a new bedspread for the sofa bed, in anticipation for Nenek who’ll be joining us in Vancouver in January.

The kids’ room is clean and cozy. Do you guys miss your room in Vancouver? This is what it looks like with the snow outside. It’s very bright outside when there’s snow.

Anyway, that’s all for now from Daddy in Vancouver. I hope Mommy can contribute some stories from her adventures in Malaysia with Arman and Melur.

How are you guys doing? Miss me?

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