Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Arman

Today is a special day for our little man, Arman Farabi Azroy Ariff (or Azroy-Ariff as it is spelled in Canada). December 8, yup... Arman's fourth birthday. He has grown so much in these past four years. Mommy and Papa can still remember him as the extra chubby baby, always smiling and making others smile.

Mommy, Melur, and Arman are in Malaysia right now. Since Papa is not around, we decided to have only a small celebration for Arman. Nenek, Mak Long, Uteh and Pak Usu are here to celebrate with us... having them around made it a bit more bearable without Papa at our sides. In the morning we went to Toys R Us at 1-Utama to buy the gifts. Mommy, Nenek and Mak Long each bought a gift for Arman. We let him chose and surprise, surprise... he chose a remote control car, a big truck, and a set of small cars... Hmmm... See a theme here?!!!!

While waiting for the gifts to be wrapped, Arman cannot stop asking why this, and why that. The "wrapper boys" were very impressed with Arman's English. They think he is a genius (Mommy thinks so too). But little did they know that Arman hardly speaks Malay at all... got to work on that.

Afterwards we went to Secret Recipe. Birthday boy gets to choose the cake. But Mommy thinks that Kakak Melur exerted her influence quite well. We ended up with chocolate cake... yummy! It’s a good thing that the whole family loves chocolate.

Around dinnertime, we celebrated Arman's birthday with chocolate cake and soto (courtesy of Nenek and Uteh). We sang "Happy Birthday" around Arman. Mommy is wondering what Arman wished for as he blew the candles... More cars maybe?

Arman talking to Andak on the phone before starting the party

Singing the Birthday Song, and Blowing the Candles

For more videos of Arman's 2007 Birthday Party, check out YOU TUBE.

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