Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reception at Bora Asmara

Just yesterday, we attended Uncle Lyle's wedding reception at the Palace of Golden Horses, hosted by the bride. Tonight, we attend Uncle Lyle's wedding reception hosted by our family. And this modest but quaint affair is held at Bora Asmara, located at Kampung Sungai Penchala.

Bora Asmara is a really nice place. I'd recommend it to anyone, but it's a little secluded, and kind of in the middle of nowhere. I thought I was lost getting here. I found two blogs you can read up on Bora Asmara, one written on Johnny Ong's Blogspot, and another on Just Nadia's Wordpress. Bora Asmara also appeared on Malaysia's The Star. Just Google for Bora Asmara, you'll find it.

Bora Asmara is mainly set outdoors, so thank God it didn't rain tonight. It was a perfect night to be outside, cool and pleasant. Daddy was a bit busy helping out with the hosting activities, greeting guests and doing my part to make sure everything runs smoothly. But I managed to spend some time with old friends and collegues I hadn't met since leaving for Vancouver. It was a nice reunion of sorts.

The food was really good, with a wide selection from various fairs, local and otherwise. Maybe I'm biased, having not tasted Malaysian food in a while. I enjoyed it. We also had live music, and I've always been a fan of that. Towards the end of the night, after some of the guests started leaving, and the atmosphere started to relax a little, the party began to really rock. We opened up the dance floor, and people were really started getting into the music. It was interesting to see some of our close and extended relatives dancing the night away. I enjoyed watching Melur and Arman dancing, though I'm not much of a dancer myself.

And this was my second night in Malaysia, with 2 consecutive wedding receptions for my brother “Uncle Lyle” (as my kids would call him). All the best to him and his new wife.

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