Saturday, December 29, 2007

Palace of the Golden Horses

Tonight, we celebrate Uncle Lyle's wedding to Auntie Fazlin at their wedding reception held at the Palace of the Golden Horses. Daddy just arrived into Kuala Lumpur this morning from Vancouver, but spent most of the 21-hour flight sleeping, in preparation for a long first day with family. Daddy hasn't seen Melur, Arman or Mommy for over a month. And Daddy is looking forward to a nice dinner with family.

If you've never been to the Palace of the Golden Horses, you should check it out. It's quite immense with an attached golf course and many restaurants serving a variety of cuisine. Mommy and I came here a few years back, lured by timeshare direct sellers. We came out of that with a free buffet dinner (which was scrumptuous), but no time share – their loss.

The reception hall was grand. I took some pictures of the decor. Malay weddings in Malaysia, or even weddings in Malaysia in general, are always quite grand.

The food came a little late, which is not too surprising. Schedules tend to slip at any event. And the kids grew a little restless. Melur got a little cranky even, probably because it was past her bedtime. But they were both quite entertained with the festivities.

After the dinner, we said our goodbyes. Everyone formed a line to 'salam' (shake hands) the bride and groom on their way out. We took some pictures of the extended family.

And that was how I spent my first night back with the family in Malaysia. We spent the night at the hotel, compliments of the bride and groom. It was nice to skip the long ride back to PJ, and just relax in a cozy hotel suite just upstairs. And we have a nice buffet breakfast waiting for us tomorrow morning.

Congratulations Uncle Lyle and Auntie Fazlin
on your Joyous Union

From Melur, Arman, Roy and Kak Ayu

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Hi ya Angah.
The green baju really turnout nice. Pity Dada and me only got to know about elianto after you went back to Canada. If not you could also get a make up session there before the Majlis.

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