Saturday, December 22, 2007

Big Splash at Uncle Lyle’s Wedding

We all went to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan this afternoon to attend Uncle Lyle and Auntie Lin's wedding. Melur and Arman went ahead with Nenek Rahmah and Atuk yesterday, while Mommy, Nenek Mus (a.k.a. Nenek Mersing) and Mak Long went on the bersanding day itself. The couple looks good together, and we hope that it is not too late to say, "Welcome to the Family!" to Auntie Lin.

The food was good too. They served traditional Malay wedding food consisting of Rendang, Acar (pickled vegetables?), Dalca (curried vegetables cooked with lentils), Ayam Masak Merah (chicken in red sauce?), and Nasi Minyak (oily rice?). See, lots of question marks for the translation since Mommy is not so good at it. Mommy's favorite was the Rendang, which was cooked the traditional Negeri Sembilan way... lots of coconut milk and a bit spicy. Wishing that Papa were here to enjoy it as well. He loves Rendang.

The most interesting and unforgettable incident happened to Arman during the wedding. Mommy was looking at him at one point, and he was leaning close to the fishpond they have there. Mommy turned around a little bit... and then... there was a big splashing sound... the DJ made an announcement "ada budak jatuh dalam kolam"... which translated to... a kid fell into the pond... Mommy had a good idea who the kid was... and when Mommy turned around, lo and behold, Arman was climbing out of the fishpond. Mommy came over and he started crying. There was a bit of a Hu-Ha, and somebody from Auntie Lin's family was nice enough to lend Arman some dry clothes... He was happy and smiling again after changing into something clean... Arman, Arman... the world would definitely be a dull place without you... *sigh*

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