Thursday, December 20, 2007

Family Day Main Event

The third annual Ghaffur Family Day has finally arrived. Coincidentally, today is also Aidil Adha… definitely a non-traditional way to celebrate Hari Raya Haji.

We started the morning with a big buffet breakfast. The typical buffet spread in Malaysian hotels includes traditional Malaysian favorites such as nasi lemak, mee goreng and bubur nasi, along with Western items such as omelets, toasts and pancakes. This hotel is no different… a lot of yummy food to choose from. As always, Melur is a bit picky with her food, but Arman just gorges up everything. Mommy thinks it is OK to let the kids indulge a bit because you never know when we will be able to enjoy Malaysia again after this…*sigh*

Our first event for the day is the treasure hunt. We went around Malacca town in groups solving clues. Mommy, Melur, Arman and Pak Usu are all in the same group. The kids tag along happily without much fuss. Mommy thinks they are just very excited to be walking around sightseeing.

After the treasure hunt, the next event is high tea, which is actually the highlight of the Family Day. First, Tok Bak gave his speech. His main points are: (1) Thanks to the organizers, (2) We need doctors in the family so hopefully one of the grandchildren will take up medicine, and (3) Please expand the number of family members via marriage alliances (Along, Dada, Jaja, Fizah, etc). The speech is followed by more food (Arman was already asking the waiters to bring him food during the speech), exchange of gifts, and last but not least, the competition for Best-Dressed. The winner is the person who best represents this year's theme, which is BLACK & WHITE. Cik Akmar won the female category, and ARMAN actually won the male category. Mommy doesn’t think Arman can lose since he looks simply adorable in his 3-piece suite and tie.

At the end of the day, the kids ended up on stage dancing. It was a whole day with loads of fun. The fourth annual Ghaffur Family Day is to be held in Morib, Selangor. Mommy and the kids won't be around next year, but we are glad to be able to attend this year's event.

Have fun guys!

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