Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Curious about Prayers

Arman has been rather curious about prayers these past few days. And so I thought it'd be good to get him started. We've prayed together a couple of times now, and he knows to just follow his dad. Here's a picture of him praying with his Daddy.

Arman also loves this new Science Book he got for his birthday. It's a book about the human anatomy, with descriptions of the various human systems and organs. Arman's always so curious, and is able to retain many of the things we teach him. I suspect I'll be reading from this book at bed time for many days to come. So far, it's been one system a night, and we're already starting to repeat systems.

Not to forget Melur, she just has to be part of the spotlight as well. Here she is doing a yoga pose from a book Mommy has been reading. I don't think Melur is particularly interested in Yoga, but she is quite flexible and athletic, in my humble opinion. Keep it going, Melur!

Do they look the same?

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