Monday, December 22, 2008

More Snow

We've been experiencing some pretty heavy snow in Vancouver for the past few days. Today is not an exception. However, Melur and Arman are making the best of the situation... actually, they seem to be having loads of fun playing outside with friends.

About a year ago Mommy found a sled left in the community laundry room*. Mommy thought it would be a good idea to take it since the kids could use it during winter. It has been in the store room for months (maybe slightly more than a year really). Finally today... the sled gets to see the light of day... Melur and Arman took it out for a short play in the backyard. Yan-Lin, who is Melur's best friend from school, also joined in... They seem to be having a blast making snowballs. Mommy took pictures of them together. Don't they look adorable among the white snow?

* Since Acadia Park is a family housing area, people living here come and go. We often find things in the community laundry room and you can just pick them up if you like. The kids love to go to the laundry room... because sometimes they get to pick something small from there.

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