Monday, December 8, 2008

Arman’s Birthday Raya

Okay, so officially today is Arman’s birthday. And seeing as today is also Hari Raya Aidil Adha, we decided to make a little something of it.

It’s Monday, a school day for the kids, and a workday for Mommy and Daddy. And despite all that, Mommy took the time to prepare a special Raya dinner for us all. As you can see, we had Rendang, Lode and Kuah Kacang. It’s very yummy, Mommy! Thank you…

After dinner, we invited Kakak Jehan over for a small dessert party. We got Original Cup Cakes from Broadway Avenue. We had a taste of it at Kakak Jehan’s birthday party last August. Very delicious!

Kakak Jehan came over with a birthday present for Arman. How nice of her. She got Arman a nice looking chess set. Arman just loves to play chess. He’s been playing a lot of it at Kinderclub.

And so we brought out all our birthday presents (not the presents from Arman’s birthday party 2 days ago), including gifts we bought at Toys R Us yesterday (courtesy of Nenek Mersing). Arman’s getting quite a lot of toys this time around, isn’t he?

Here you see Arman opening and playing some of his new toys. He seems to really like the Leapfrog game we got him. We figure it’s educational, and along the lines of the laptop we got for Melur 3-4 months ago. Enjoy, Arman!

So that’s pretty much it for tonight. I expect to be playing a lot of chess with Arman these coming days. Thank you Mommy for the dinner. And thank you Kakak Jehan for Arman’s birthday gift.

Happy Birthday Arman

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