Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dinner By a King

I came home from work this afternoon to this...

It's been continuing to snow and snow and snow. And the snow is really powdery – not that nasty brown stuff (which we'll probably get in a few days when the snow starts to melt). I took this opportunity to take a video from our living room. The kids look bored with the snow. I guess they've had enough.

So yeah... it's Christmas Eve. We don't celebrate Christmas, but I got home early today. Arman helped me prepare dinner. And when Arman starts cooking, he gets creative. When dinner was ready, Arman got started on preparing a menu. It was a feast by a king (not for a king, pardon the pun), since you see Arman wearing his home-made Kings crown again.

And once everything was ready, it was time for the festivities to start. Check out the video:

Thanks Arman, for helping out with dinner. You certainly make our evenings interesting. Anybody interested in dinner by a king?

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