Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Day of Winter?

Well, technically, today IS the first day of winter, but obviously not the first day of snow. We had our first taste of snow this season a week ago. And it's snowing again... How cool is that? What a way to spend our Sunday.

The kids couldn't wait to go out and play. We made them wear their ski pants. Arman started playing with some other boys on the block. Mommy took some videos which you will see a little later. Melur on the other hand followed me around Acadia Park to check out the fresh snow. Here are some pictures and a video:

Melur and I found a sled, and I pulled Melur around in it. You see her here playing with some icicles I found dangling from our roof. We also found some interesting forts (made from snow), featuring the Canucks - Vancouver's own NFL Hockey team.

Happy Snow Day everyone!

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