Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Toys, Piano and McD

So, it’s the day after Arman’s birthday party. Arman has a lot of toys. To kind of ration it out a little bit, we (the parents) told Arman that he could open one present a day. Today, he chose to open the Magnext toy. He actually got 2 Magnext gifts, so I let him open both. Looks like good fun.

I also took the opportunity to record Melur playing one of her favourite songs on the piano. It’s called “Grand Mother” in the C Position, taken from her Piano Adventures book by Nancy and Randall Faber (that’s the book Melur and Arman use with Mike, the piano teacher). She likes this song because it’s the first song in the book where she gets to use both hands at the same time. What do you guys think?

Daddy had a board meeting this afternoon with MABC Canada. So Mommy took the kids to Toys R Us, since Nenek Mersing gave some money to get Arman (and Melur) some presents. They stopped by McDonalds while they were out.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Arman… again, since it’s officially tomorrow.

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