Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arman’s Birthday Party

This year is the first year Arman gets to celebrate his birthday with his friends. If you recall, last year Arman spent his birthday in Malaysia (Daddy missed that one). And the year before, we had a small party at home, having just arrived in Vancouver 3 months before. So today, we’re throwing a ‘relatively’ big party at the Acadia Park Commons Block for Arman.

Arman invited about 16 of his friends from Kinderclub. Some of the kids didn’t RSVP back, so we weren’t sure if everyone was coming. And so, we got Melur to invite some of her friends too, at the last minutes… Just to make it more festive. After all, we’re paying good money to get a presenter from Mad Science. So we had a total of 18 kids there.

We started by serving the food first, since Mad Science isn’t starting until 30 minutes into the party. We served pizza, popcorn, veggies & dip, and juice boxes. The veggies and dip didn’t go out very well like Aidan’s party. I think there was a slip in strategy somewhere. Oh well… we tried.

Melur had 2 friends over, Audrey and Yan-Lin. They had a separate table… I called it the “adults” table. Audrey looks so mature for her age. It’s hard to think that Melur and Audrey are classmates in Grade 1.

Yan-Lin, Melur & Audrey

Soon, Mommy arrived with the Mad Science guy. He needed some time to set-up, which wasn’t really a problem since the kids kept themselves busy playing the balloons and running around the very large activity room at the Acadia Park Commons Block. Before long, it was time for the show to begin.

The “Mad Scientist” was nice to include Melur and Arman in a lot of the demonstrations, though he did get many of the kids involved as well (as you can see in the video). The kids made slime, which I thought was pretty neat.

After the science show, it was time to cut the cake. We got the Diplomat’s Cake from True Confections. It was kind of sweet, plain vanilla. The kids didn’t really like it that much. But the parents seem to like it.

Finally, it was time to open the presents. As we’ve seen in previous parties, kids will crowd around while the birthday boy opens their gifts. Today was no exception, as you can see in the video.

Qianah (pictured right) was a bit upset since she didn’t have a gift. Her dad explained that Qianah’s mom was out, and that she would arrive soon with the present. Lo and behold, she did, and all was well. Thank you Qianah, for your present. In fact, thank you everyone for all your gifts for Arman. He’ll have a blast with all his new toys.

All in all, I think it was a pretty successful party – last one for the year. Till next year, Happy Birthday Arman!

For more pictures (and there are a lot), check out our Facebook Album (it's public).

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