Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting into Kumon

It's Saturday, and it's been a week since we saw our first snow fall in Vancouver this year. We started out the morning with Arman vacuuming the living room. He kinda likes vacuuming, more so than his sister. Here you see him wearing his home-made kings crown, which he learned to make in Kinderclub.

Mommy and Daddy decided earlier this week, that we would supplement our kids' education with Kumon. Kumon is quite popular in Malaysia, and apparently so too in Vancouver. There are several locations in Vancouver where Kumon is taught, but we opted for the one near Broadway and Ash. It's a bit far, but worth it for the kids.

We arrived on time, about 30 minutes before closing time. In that time, both Melur and Arman took an assessment test. Melur took a really long time, but it turns out, she didn't read through the instructions (or at least nobody told her what to do), and she ended up doing a lot of extra work. I think it was pretty good of Melur, but I guess there was still some disconnect.

By the time we meet with the instructor to talk about Melur and Arman's assessment, the center was closed, and everyone had left. It was just us and the instructor to discuss things. Here you see Melur and Arman fooling around in the center while Mommy talks to the instructor.

We were there a pretty long time discussing Melur and Arman. The both of them are apparently pretty good at Math. Melur got all her answers right. And due to our tight budget, we decided to enroll both Melur and Arman in the Reading portion of Kumon. We'll sign them up for Math later, when we have a little more cash. In the meantime, we'll continue to supplement their math at home (you go Mommy!). I couldn't believe we were there for over 2 hours. We headed home right after...

Okay, so we stopped by Blenz on the way home – Mommy's favorite place. And THEN we headed home. Hopefully, the Kumon will do them good. We wish only the best for Melur and Arman.

Blenz - Mommy's Favorite Canadian Cafe

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