Friday, December 12, 2008

Special Delivery Scooter

Yesterday, we received something special in the mail from Auntie Yaya and Nenek: 2 scooters for Arman and Melur.

Arman’s birthday passed recently, and I know Auntie Yaya ordered these on-line before Arman’s birthday. It just takes a few days to arrive. I got home late last night (company Christmas Dinner), and the kids were already sleeping when I got home. So I spent the night putting it all together.

The next day, after work, I saw that the kids were extremely happy with their new gifts. Thank you Auntie Yaya and Nenek. Arman’s scooter has three wheels, while Melur’s has two. Both scooters have bright lights along the bottom. I think the kids really enjoyed that. It’s a little cold outside now, but hopefully, we can take the scooters out for a spin this weekend.

Cool Scooters

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